The Blue Jay has magnificent blue feathers. Peanut-loving. Brown melanin pigments Blue Jay feathers. Light scatters through the feathers' small air sacs, making them blue.

 Blue Jay

Peacocks fan their tails to signal morning. Trains shake to attract peahens, then charge. Selection creates blue peafowl. Peahens prefer colourful peacocks.


Blue Poison Dart Frogs are small and blue. Back to head are sky blue, while belly and legs are darker. The Blue Poison Dart Frog's black markings ward off predators.

 Blue Poison Dart Frog 

Ink-Blue Spix There aren't many macaws left. This little bird has lovely blue and green feathers. It's possible for them to mimic human speech.

 Spix Macaw 

The Paracanthurus, often known as surgeonfish, is native to Indo-Pacific coral reefs and has a bright hue. One of the most popular marine aquarium fish globally.


Betta, or Siamese fighting fish, is multicoloured. Beautiful fins make them ideal pets. Female bettas don't have flowing fins like males.

Betta Fish

Butterflies are wonderful. Blue is a popular butterfly colour. The Blue Morpho has blue wings. No, their scales reflect light, not their colouring.

 Blue Morpho

The Blue Morpho butterfly has a five- to eight-inch wing span. Some morphos males are bluer than females; in other species, males are blue while females are brown or yellow.

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