Creatures that rely on a blood diet


Bloodsucking mosquitoes are well-known. Contrary to popular belief, only female mosquitoes bite. Both sexes benefit from sugar and nectar. 

Hood Mockingbird

Espaola's hood mockingbird eats seabird eggs and hawk kills. They don't kill animals for blood but sip from wounds. Affects bird and sea lion wounds.

Vampire bats

Sleeping horses, pigs, and cattle are vampire bat food. Night hunters can bleed for 30 minutes. They slit their tongues with their teeth and sip blood.

 Vampire ground finch

Vampire ground finches eat blood. In the Galápagos, they eat blue-footed and Nazca boobies. Pecking seabirds until blood emerges is fine.


Butterflies sip blood, tears, perspiration, rotten fruit, dung, and corpse fluid. Fluids augment the butterflies' diet with minerals, amino acids, or sodium.

Vampire Moth

The vampire moth received its moniker because males consume vertebrate blood. Their proboscis is designed to puncture animal skin by rocking it back and forth.


Yellow-billed and red-billed oxpeckers exist. They sip animal blood from wounds and insect bites and peck at wounds to gain more blood.


They're sleek, dark worms with suckers at each end. Using mucus and suction, they connect to the skin and inject hirudin to keep blood circulating.

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