Creatures Naturally Found in Basements


Moles' burrows can overtake a yard. Moles burrow for refuge and nesting. Moles leave ridged tunnels on the earth called molehills.


Large marmots, groundhogs are big rodents. They're called woodchucks and are often seen in yards and along highways. Some groundhog burrows are 17 m long.


Clean, smart rats can be pets or pests. Their whiskers help them hear. Rats live in attics and basements. Smart, nocturnal rats are hard to trap.


Voles are about 7 inches in length, with short snouts and dark fur. Voles create tunnels and runways as they go.


Old houses, enclosed spaces, barns, and patios are raccoon habitats. Their hand-like paws help them to tear roofing or other animals' holes. Infesting an attic can do a lot of damage.


Porches and decks are popular spots for nocturnal opossums to hang out in. Virginia Opossums like to skulk around under porches, decks, sheds, and crawl spaces.


Foxes don't burrow; they dig dens. Using abandoned burrows. Foxes hide in caves, depressions, or burrows, so they don't harm yards or houses. Foxes aren't violent but have rabies.


Skunks can dig small foraging holes and larger burrows, which can disturb the compacted ground under a house or yard.

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