Cow breeds that produce the most milk

Cows offer milk and dairy products while teaching kids life skills. Owning dairy cows lets you sell milk and dairy products.


Holstein-Friesians are popular dairy cows. World's top milk producer. Heavy dairy breed. Their production is impressive. 


Jersey cows can generate 10,000 litres each lactation.  Jersey cows are small. Jersey cows have ideal proportions and precise angles.


Brown Swiss came to America from Switzerland in 1869. Second to Holsteins in milk production. Name-sake brown Swiss cows have brown hair. Short fur.

Brown Swiss

White Normande cows have brown, reddish, or yellowish markings. They have a huge head, patches around their eyes, and a dark snout.


Genetically, Simmentals are good milk producers. These breeds have a high conversion rate and milk yield, making them the best in their area.


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