In the relationship of a couple, there are small quarrels and mutual tension, but sometimes these things increase a lot,

Because of which every time there is a quarrel between the couples, the feelings and love between the two starts decreasing.

Even after all this, both do not separate from the relationship, the main reasons behind this are-


Due to the dependence of the couple on each other, they do not consider separation from each other.

Used to each other

Even after the bad of the relationship, they remain with each other because both of them have never even imagined living without each other. 

On the other hand, both of them have become used to living together, from which it is very difficult for each other to go away.

Because of the children

Even after being unhappy, both remain together because of their children, couples do not want to bring children in between their separation

Due to economic condition

Couples are dependent on each other, including finances, and due to their economic status, both are unable to separate.

Fear of loneliness

The biggest reason why couples do not separate even after being unhappy is their loneliness, because both of them have not even imagined living alone.

Hope to be together again

Couples stay with each other because they have hope that sooner or later the relationship will improve and things will be back to normal.

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