Some controversial restaurant secrets

Chain restaurants are popular around the world, with recognisable mascots, appealing advertisements, and ever-evolving efficient services.

What happens behind the scenes at your favourite places? Chain restaurants must meet a baseline, serve a large number of customers every day, and uphold the company's values.

Restaurant chains struggle with plastic.

Chain restaurants aren't eco-friendly, especially with all the single-use plastic used. From bags & to-go containers to cutlery & worker gloves.

As the current issue over a fast-food chain's tuna shows, if a corporation isn't clear about its components, it might be difficult to identify them.

Some dishes have problematic components.

Not many restaurant franchises make their meals "fresh" on the premises. Quora user J Stephen Sadler. "Being in the restaurant & franchise business for years.

Many dishes were frozen.

Many guests may be disappointed to hear that chain restaurant cooks regularly microwave frozen food. -BlueDream- on Reddit described his chain.

Food can be microwaved.

Misnomers abound in chains (and restaurants): ""Boneless wings aren't wings," says Redditor -BlueDream-. Breaded chicken nuggets."

Servers carefully employ words.

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