These cargo containers became trendy restaurants.

Alabama's shore has some of the whitest, smoothest sand in the US, so a restaurant on it makes sense. The Gulf, built of shipping containers & other salvaged materials.

Gulf Coast, Alabama

Enjoy tacos

This tangle of shipping containers is a frequent DC hangout. El Rey's menu includes elote & tacos packed with grilled fish, carne asada, mushrooms,

Tyne and Wear, England

Träkol debuted in 2018 as part of By The River Brew Co., a container hub near the Tyne Bridge. Customers may witness meals like asado duck being grilled behind a glass wall.

Toronto's Market 707

Market 707's restaurants are in converted shipping containers. The open-air hub contains food sellers and modest businesses, with cuisines as colourful as the containers.

Melbourne's Future Food System

This magnificent eco home/restaurant is the newest endeavour from sustainable food pioneer Joost Bakker and has been 25 years in the making.

Bristol's Tare

This seasonal restaurant in Bristol's Wapping Wharf only seats 18 and boasts an ever-changing five-course set menu. Tare's little kitchen produces amazing meals.

Wahaca London's Southbank

This Wahaca outpost is comprised of eight reused shipping containers organised over two stories like a big sculpture.

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