When a Sagittarius has an idea, word gets around fast. The ideas of a Sagittarius are shaped more by personal experience than by knowledge or study, notwithstanding the sign's versatility.


Aquarius is a fixed air sign, thus they might be stubborn about their opinions. Aquarius, the oldest air sign, is full of linguistic experience and can have a razor-sharp tongue in an argument


The problem with debating such people is that they always have solid evidence to support their position, while you'll get roasted if you don't have any solid evidence to back up your own.

Aries gets angry easily. They don't like losing and are quick to bring up new topics, keeping others on their toes. When Aries argues, it's like treading on shattered glass.


Geminis are witty. Gemini, ruled by Mercury, rarely communicates with facts, sources, and substance. Gemini can make connections because they store meaningless knowledge. 


Geminis argue incessantly, which affects their relationships. Gemini may dispute to keep the topic continuing. This sign will offer unexpected insights.

Libra plays devil's advocate because they know right from wrong. Libras love to debate and argue. Themselves. Libra is the sign of compromise, so they'll agree with you. Returning balance.


Virgos talk endlessly about the smallest details. Virgo arguments are time-consuming. They don't raise their voices or act aggressively, but they like to make detailed points.


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