Complimentary Colors for Each Zodiac Sign

Rust is Aries' colour. It will inspire you and help you achieve greatness, which is probably on your vision board. This colour helps manifest dreams by uniting spirit and vision.


Taurus should wear a colour that embraces their lavish energy and sensual aspirations. Raspberry Sorbet will keep the boudoir desire alive. If you dare, it'll motivate you to do new things.


Putting your thoughts into words is challenging. Put on the Yellow Flashlight. When exposed to this hue, one's ability to communicate orally, in writing, or mentally is enhanced.


Cancer French Blue symbolises the evening sky since the Moon affects your emotions. It helps you comprehend your feelings and love more.


Fortuna Gold helps you accept your regalness and increase your confidence. You'll feel divine and cheerful throughout. Everyone will love you when you wear this bright colour.


Meticulous by nature, you need a foundation colour that won't send your head into overdrive. It helps you relieve tension and see well without vivid colour.


You adjust your attire to help people get along. This tone motivates you to employ positive vibes to unite the group. By wearing Burnt Coral, you'll help people unite.


Scorpios are intense. Your presence and energy can attract everyone in your orb, so double up this year by wearing Oxblood Red to show the world your inner strength and vigour.


More luck is needed. Purple is your fave. Wearing this orchid shade will push you to take risks and accept new adventures, even if they're not as spectacular as you expected.


Never one for change, you value stability and security. Ultimate Grey is a dependable colour. It's the hue you need in this ever-changing world to feel grounded.


Feelings like those are induced by the colour Cerulean Blue. This vibrant sky blue will push you to embrace your optimism and hope, which you need now.


This soothing colour will transport you to the sea. Tidewater Green soothes watery emotions and temperaments. You'll be the ocean's trendiest fish.


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