Taurus Characteristics

The strong bull represents Taurus' intransigence. Tauruses are dedicated permanent signs. As Earth-ruled, they're grounded, hardworking, and capable.

Taureans are among the most resilient zodiac signs and rarely give up. Aries' twelfth house sign fuels their independence and activity. Taureans work slowly and hard.

Taurus Symbolism

Taureans appreciate life and don't like to rush. If a friend or lover pushes them to explore, they may be open to spontaneity. Tauruses are better with persons who like the physical world.

Friendship Compatibility In Taurus

Taureans want fun-loving, kind friends. They enjoy eating out, watching movies, and shopping with friends. Taurus loves Cancer and Pisces. Cancer and Pisces like Taurean's patience and relatability.

Compatibility With Taurus: Romantic Signals

Taureans crave sensual, faithful partners. Comfortable and predictable, they may not be date-planners. A lavish present or date night will impress them.

Earth signals Because they share their views, Virgo and Capricorn are romantically compatible with Taurus. These earth signs make their Taurus partner happy with expensive dinners and flowers.

At Work: Taurus

Tauruses are highly motivated when they enjoy their work, but they need a quiet setting and kind coworkers. Their earthiness makes them doers and high achievers. 

Taurus is wealthy. They're frugal without sacrificing fun. Taureans thrive at Venusian professions including finance, diplomacy, and management.

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