Complete Guide to Bringing Up Your First Cat

Gather or purchase a few items before bringing your new cat or kitten home to make it feel more at home. Try this a few days before you plan to return home to ease your mind.

Make a cat shopping list

A Safe Room could be anything from a closet to a rarely used bathroom to a screened-off section of your bedroom. Your new feline friend will benefit from having a quiet, comfortable hiding spot.

Prepare a cat-safe room

The moment will come when you and your family will no longer refer to your cat as a pet but rather as a part of the family. The luckiest cat in the world has you as an owner.

Embrace your cat as a family member

There are safe outdoor options for cats who require fresh air and sunshine. Enclosed decks are an option. Leash-train your cat so it won't bother other animals outside.

Find out if your cat prefers

Playing with your cat promotes bonding. Cats invent their own games and love to play. Before buying cat toys, try household items. Boxes and paper bags are fun.

Have Fun With Your Cat

Early diet affects a cat's health and longevity. Knowing cat food ingredients can prolong and improve your pet's life. Desert cats need water if they eat dry diet.

Understand Your Cat's Diet

Learn what to feed your cat by reading labels. Review for months until you're sure. Always read cat food labels. Cats need clean water. Desert cats need water.

Scratching prompts residents to quit their shelters. Cats never stop purring, eating, or scratching. A cat's claws are a distinguishing feature. Learning these techniques will help-

Indulge Your Cat's Need to Scratch

 You provide your cat the freedom to scratch and exercise it needs without worrying about any damage being done to your home's carpets or furnishings.

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