Complaints of husbands regarding wives

She always looks grumpy

Unhappy Husbands complain that their wives do not talk to them properly and blame everything on the husbands.

She is always manipulative and wants to control everything

Whenever the husband tries to take a rest, the wife immediately imposes some work on him and whenever the husband goes for a walk with his friend, the wife starts texting and calling him to come home.

Ignore by wife

Whenever the husband tries to come closer to his wife, the wife starts going away from him.

She stops caring

After marriage the wife also pays less attention to her husband.

Loving Mother

After becoming a mother, the wife gets very less time to spend  with her husband.

Doesn't understand her husband sacrifice

Whether the husband provides for his wife in every way, making time for her even when he's busy, or assisting her in her duties. The wife is still not appreciative.

She doesn't have her own 'thing'

The woman makes an effort to appear as though she is completely uninteresting and has nothing to talk about in life beyond the home.

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