Colorado's Most Common 9 Birds Species

American Robin

American Robins are popular in Colorado. They live in woodlands and tundra. These thrushes are comfortable around humans and often visit backyards.

American Goldfinch

These attractive, small birds are common in Colorado and easy to attract. U.S. goldfinches are vegetarians. They just consume seeds, which is rare among birds.

Hairy Woodpecker

Multicolored Hairy Woodpeckers have straight backs when perched. Hairy Woodpeckers live in Colorado's mature forests, backyards, city parks, wetlands, orchards, and cemeteries. They reside near large trees.

Downy Woodpecker

These woodpeckers have short bills. Downy Woodpeckers are among Colorado's most common birds. They have white bellies and black backs with white streaks. They're prevalent in backyards, so you've probably seen them.

House Sparrow

Males have grey crowns, black bibs, white cheeks, and chestnut face and neck margins. Their brown backs have black stripes. House Sparrows are an alien species that has spread throughout Colorado.

American Crow

Large, jet-black, iridescent bird. The American crow is one of Colorado's most common birds, and its versatility means it may be found in a wide variety of habitats.

House Finch

They're common throughout Colorado. House Finches inhabit cities, suburbs, and buildings. House Finches discover new feeders first. Curiosity helps other birds find your feeders.

European Starling

Colorado is home to this robin-like bird. Their plumage is black and sparkly. Short tail, long beak Adults are greenish-purple-black. Winter makes starlings dull and spotted with white.

Mourning Dove

Huge black spots on its wings and a long, greyish tail. It's Colorado's most common dove. Look for them in trees or on wires. They feed mostly on the ground. Mourning doves frequent feeders.

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