Color-Changing Animals: 9 Species

Giant Pacific octopus is large and changes colour to evade predators. Biggest at 156 pounds. Big yet hard to see. They're brown, but their colour varies with mood.

Giant Pacific octopus

Chameleons may change their skin tone. Animal skin changes colour quickly. Chameleon skin tone changes with internal state, surroundings, and light.


Color-changing is another defence. Snakes and birds can't see them for 1-2 minutes. The frog species is abundant in Washington and can be found in small ponds.

Pacific Tree Frog

The cuttlefish changes colour for defence. So, cuttlefish avoid predators. It alters rock, flora, and more to protect her in difficult environments. Last-minute defence ink.


Adaptable flounder. Habitat affects colour. Brown. Skinmarks Moving changes marks and colour. When a flounder senses a new habitat, its retina changes colour.

Flounder Fish 

Cutest animal changes coats seasonally. Winters are dazzling and snowy white, and summers are light brown to fit in with rocks. It's one of the best color-changing critters.

Arctic Fox

These Vatia Predators wait on leaves for food. Sitting on plants, they turn yellow, white, or green and become invisible. Reflexion causes it. Color-changing beauty.

Misumena Vatia

US Tortoise Beetle Goldbugs. Best color-changing bug Angry gold. 2-minute colour shifts. Predators are surprised by Golden Tortoise Beetles.

Golden tortoise beetle

Ocean's most adorned fish. They can change colours, textures, and patterns based on their background. This slowest sea creature is rare. The twisting tail is the only giveaway.


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