"Healthy Coke" may not be good for your teeth or gut

"Healthy Coke" has been a TikTok fad for the past week, but there are health dangers to consider before trying it. The American Dental Association (ADA) warned about "healthy Coke" on Wednesday.

"Balsamic vinegar is delicious, but I prefer it on salads. It's friendlier to teeth than a two-acid drink "Edmond Hewlett, DDS, is an ADA spokesperson.

More acidic drinks increase tooth erosion risk. The acidic combination might also upset your digestive system, especially if you have heartburn or other stomach troubles.

We'll explain why "healthy Coke" may not be so healthy, & how you can make it healthier if you want to try it.

Mix balsamic vinegar & flavoured seltzer, preferably over ice. Amanda Jones published her Pilates instructor's recipe on TikTok last week.

She informed viewers, "I'm not kidding, it tastes like Coke." Jones says to add "balsamic vinegar with any effervescent beverage."

Along with their caution regarding "healthy Coke," the ADA provided evidence from a recent study published last month in JADA Foundational Science.

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