Codependence and the Zodiac Signs

In a codependent relationship, one spouse takes on the high-stakes position of 'provider' or'rescuer,' while the other partner acts as a 'taker' or 'victim.'


Codependent cancers are always curious about their partners' whereabouts and mental states. There's a chance Cancer's partner will feel like their partner is constantly watching and trying to exert control over them.

Cancers are emotionally attuned to their partners. Cancers with depressive partners fall swiftly into depression. If a Cancer's partner is ill, the Cancer may feel inadequate.


Geminis often take on their partner's troubles, causes, and obligations. Geminis are brilliant advocates, but they occasionally lose focus. They may neglect their own wants to make their lover happy and contented.


Libras tend to date less responsible or mature partners. Libra may view an immature partner as exciting, spontaneous, or young. Libra will gladly be responsible.

Libra will make explanations for their partner if someone outside the relationship questions the unfair distribution. Libras are superficial, so a good-looking spouse helps.


Pisces love helping those in need. They date addicts who drink, gamble, or shop. When Pisces' partner hits rock bottom or needs a second chance, they may count on them.


Scorpios fall deeply in love and will accept practically any behaviour to make the relationship work. Scorpio may feel like they never get their way, but they justify it to themselves.

Scorpios can be deceitful while in love. If their partner wants to go out all the time and Scorpio wants to stay in, Scorpio will do what they don't want to do so their partner is happy.

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