Running and jogging decrease cholesterol and triglycerides. Walk, jog, or run 150 minutes per week to see improvements.

People who walked or ran the same amount reported similar benefits. Walking 4.3 miles quickly uses the same amount of energy as running three miles.


Cycling is as energetic as jogging but easier on the joints. Runners with joint pain may prefer cycling. To decrease cholesterol, hike or ride a stationary bike.

Journal of the American Heart Association found that persons who biked to work had lower cholesterol.

Weight Lifting

Lifting weights or doing other resistance exercises (using resistance bands or your own body weight) is effective on its own and as part of an aerobic fitness regimen.


Studies have indicated that, despite yoga's reputation as a low-impact exercise, it may help lower cholesterol and the risk of heart disease.

Cardiovascular and strength training, along with a low-cholesterol diet, are the most effective ways to lower cholesterol naturally and without the use of medication.


Swimming, water walking, and participating in water games can have the same effect on your cholesterol profile as other cardiovascular exercises, and they are gentle on your joints, too.

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