Chefs' Sriracha Shortage Solutions

Take away the condiments and the dish can fall apart. "Imagine fries, hotdogs, or burgers without ketchup. A half-population uprising.

Sriracha is popular on pho, sandwiches, & noodle bowls. It's not the same without it, says Bà & Me chef-owner Nhi Mundy. A lack of chilli peppers has halted Huy Fong Foods' manufacture of sriracha.

An April letter from Huy Fong sparked widespread fear this week. It blamed the lack on weather & put Chili Garlic, Sambal Oelek, & Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce orders on hold until Labor Day.

Another posted, "Bidding starts at $1,000," with laughing emojis and a bottle of sriracha.

For eateries, especially those specialising in Southeast Asian cuisine, it was another pandemic-weary challenge.

A bartender & server at a Japanese restaurant in Washington tweeted, "We're rationing sriracha like Purell in 2020."

"It's uncomfortable to say we don't supply it to [Asian] restaurant guests."

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