Characteristics, Temperament, and Care of a Ragdoll Cat

Huge, affectionate, and laid-back, Ragdoll cats. Named for their limpness when handled. This cat's size shouldn't scare you. 20 lbs. Lifespan To 17


Their blue eyes and loud purr show they're softies. Ragdolls are social, therefore they do well in homes with many people and dogs.

If you want a soft, docile, cuddly cat, get a ragdoll. Ragdolls are friendly with all ages and other pets. They love to play, but also cuddle. These gorgeous, friendly cats are purrfect.

The large, beautiful ragdoll cat is roughly 15 pounds at four years old. With its easygoing nature and gregarious temperament, the ragdoll is friends with anyone.


Prepare for long cuddling sessions where your ragdoll will flop across your legs and want belly rubs. The ragdoll doesn't need much exercise or playtime, but snuggling time is vital.

Ragdolls have a smooth single coat (no underfur). This medium-haired cat coat mats less than others. Brushing this breed twice a week helps prevent knots.

Ragdoll Care

Like other cats, ragdolls need nail trims. After a pedicure, your cat will want to sharpen its claws. Ragdolls lack an undercoat, reducing shedding and dander.

Discuss your ragdoll's diet with your vet. Wet foods prevent urinary problems. Not all day. Overfeeding cats can induce obesity and diabetes.

Diet /Nutrition

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