Central American rainforest animals


Great Green Macaw and Scarlet Macaw, Yellow-naped Amazon and Red-lored Amazon, and Peach-fronted and Brown-shouldered parakeets.

Colorful Macaws

Macaws abound in Guatemala. Near our Chichicastenango restaurant table. They're peaceful and talkative unless poked or touched.


Dolphins are prevalent along Honduras's shore. 2-12 dolphins swim in pods. Santa Barbara-San Diego has one of the world's densest dolphin populations.


The Pacific coasts of Costa Rica and Panama are home to the Central American squirrel monkey, scientifically known as Saimiri oerstedii.

Draco Lizards

Flying dragons are draco lizards. This 8.4-inch lizard can fly like a dragon. Draco lizards number 40 species. They're blue, red, brown, and orange.


Toucans are passerine Ramphastidae. Ramphastidae are barbet-like. Big, bright banknotes. Five genera include 40+ species.


Hummingbirds are Trochilidae birds native to the Americas. With 361 species and 113 genera, they range from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego, but most are tropical. Small birds.


Sloths are Folivora-suborder xenarthrans. They dangle upside down from South and Central American rainforest trees.


This unattractive animal populates Latin America. At the coast of Honduras, many tarantulas were seen entering and exiting their burrows

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