Failed celebrity restaurants

Celebrities typically look for methods to pass their time between movies, TV shows, & photoshoots. Rappers, singers, models, & actresses have all made successful forays.

Failed restaurant stars

Britney Spears founded a restaurant in 2002 called Nyla, combining the initials for New York & Louisiana, where she grew up. After bad evaluations, the restaurant switched to Italian cuisine.


The Fashion Café in Rockefeller Center was fashion-themed restaurant. It was initially headlined by Naomi Campbell, Elle Macpherson, Christy Turlington, & Claudia Shiffer.

Fashion Café, Elle Macpherson

Steven Spielberg is successful cinema director, with hits like "E.T.," "Saving Private Ryan," & "Indiana Jones." His film success didn't translate to restaurants. He opened Dive!, a restaurant.


Jennifer Lopez founded Madre's in 2002, inspired by her mother's food. Ropa vieja, empanadas, plantains were on the menu. The restaurant was initially successful, but its decline began quickly.


Fans expected Ludacris to honour his Southern heritage when he launched a restaurant in Atlanta. Straits was an expensive Asian-fusion restaurant.


Eva Longoria opened SHe by Morton's in 2012 with Landry's. The upscale restaurant at the Aria Casino in Las Vegas included a catwalk & chandeliers.

SHe by Morton's

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