Cats That Look Like Tigers

Bengals are domestic and wild leopard cats. Spotted and marbled medium-to-large cats. Bengal cats are clever, lively, curious, and friendly—the perfect cuddler.

 Bengal Cats

This tiger-like cat is high-energy. They have tiger-like eyes, ears, and legs. Chausie combines jungle, Abyssinian, and Oriental cats.


Toyger is tiger-shaped. A tiny domesticated tiger. Toygers are Bengal cats and stray tabby cats crossed in India. Its orange, gold, and brown coat and whitish-brown belly.


Savannah cats are wild. Savannahs are Serval hybrids. Slim, strong athletes with cheetah-like spots. These traits make savannahs resemble baby cheetahs.

Savannah Cats

Abyssinian is an ancient cat breed. Lean, muscular, intelligent, alert, and affectionate. The Abyssinian has fiery, red coat colours and no ticking tabby.


They're gorgeous and natural cat breeds. The first cat breed descended from the Egyptian African wild. Egyptian Mau markings resemble tigers, cheetahs, and leopards.

 Egyptian Mau

The Ocicat resembles tigers. American Shorthair, Siamese, and Abyssinian cats are Ocicats. Confident and outgoing. Ocicats require room to exercise.


Fun, active, and smart, cheetahs. Asian Leopard cats include Ocicats and Bengals. Cheetohs are playful. They have cheetah and tiger markings.


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