Cat Breeds With Black and White Coloring

The Maine coon is a large, docile cat breed. Their superb beauty and shiny coat make them a popular breed worldwide. Maine coons are tabby but can be black and white.

Maine Coon

A black and white Cornish Rex's tight, curling fur, huge ears, and slender body are stunning. They're called the cat greyhound. This energetic breed enjoys company.

Cornish Rex

Friendly, even-tempered, and energetic. Intelligent Manx cats are trainable. Non-showing or breeding cats may have a short tail. Black-and-white jackets.

Manx Cat

This breed's name comes from its genetically shortened legs. Munchkins can be black and white. These small cats are friendly, outgoing, and entertaining.


Persians come in black and white as well as pure white. This breed has thick fur, big eyes, and smushed features. Low-energy, soft personalities improve their popularity.


Scottish folds have impish-looking folded ears. They're not impish. Regular grooming prevents matted fur and hairballs. Black-and-white is just one of the breed's hues.

Scottish Fold

Triple-coated semilonghaired Siberians. Subarctic Siberia needs fur. Friendly American breed. Siberians need stimulation. Non-matting, non-shedding. Black-and-white Siberia.

Siberian Cat

Elegant Turkish Angoras were previously solely white. They're most often this colour but can available in black and white. Turkish Angoras do best with constant company.

Turkish Angora

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