Canine Food Allergies: Origins and Treatment

When the immune system senses a threat, it attacks. Antibodies cause inflammation. Continuous exposure to a single substance, usually a protein, causes food allergies in dogs. Most food-allergic dogs consume the same diet.

Exactly what Do Food Allergies Mean?

Dogs over the age of five or puppies younger than six months can develop food allergies. If your dog seems uncomfortable after eating, it's best to take him to the vet just in case he has a food allergy, which is easy to misdiagnose.


Itching, redness, rashes, raw patches, peeling, crusty sores, and hair loss are common in food-allergic dogs. Six to 24 hours after intake, an allergic reaction is expected. The allergen causes inflammation.

Skin Problems

Food-allergic dogs can have ear infections. Too much grain and sugar might cause ear infections. Sugar and grain overload can cause ear infections from yeast buildup.

Persistent Ear Infections

Repeated allergen exposure can modify certain dogs' behaviour. Hyperactivity, increased or decreased energy, weight loss, and hostility from continual discomfort are examples.

Alterations in Behaviour

An immunological response to a protein like egg, dairy, poultry, or soy causes a dog's food allergy. Allergies are mainly caused by genetics or early environmental exposure.

How They Occur with Regard to Food Allergies

Before deciding that your pet has a food allergy, your veterinarian will examine their skin for other possible causes. The physical exam performed by your vet will include a search for any signs of food allergies.

Diagnosing Food Allergies in Dogs

First, identify the allergen. Diet your dog for 8-12 weeks. Blood tests and skin swabs aren't accurate enough to diagnose food allergies in dogs, say most vets. An allergen-free dog food trial is conducted.


Most dietary experiments last 8-12 weeks. Exclusively same snacks. Early in the study, skin may improve. Stop or change the meal trial with your vet's OK. Your vet reviews test results. If your dog improves, your vet may restore his previous food.

Hard-and-fast Food Tests

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