Burger King's discontinued faves

Burger King is more than bread & beef despite its name. The Whopper is its least interesting product since 1954. We've seen fast food mash-ups like Chicken Fries Rings & Poutine รก la Burger, as well as high-end debuts like pig ribs & sweet potato fries.


We wore bell-bottom jeans & listened to Marvin Gaye during Yumbo's 1968 peak. The heated ham & cheese sandwich lasted six years. It returned in 2014 with lettuce, mayo, & a hoagie bun.

In 2010, Burger King released bone-in pork ribs, a dish barbecue restaurants generally make. 10 million charred, smoked, tender, sauce-glazed wings were sold. Why hasn't this thing resurfaced? This is a mystery.

BKfire-grilled ribs

Remember McDonald's McRib? Probably. Remember Burger King's 2013 Rib Sandwich? Isn't it tougher? Burger King tried a sandwich with a boneless rib patty, sweet & tangy barbecue sauce, & pickles in a toasted artisan bread three years after the triumph of its Fire-Grilled Ribs.


Memphis BBQ Pulled Pork was included on the "Summer BBQ Menu," featuring braised pork combined with BK's Memphis BBQ sauce, chopped onions, & sweet Southern dressing.

Tennessee barbecue Pork-pulled

Burger King's beef hot dog offered two options: Classic, with mustard, ketchup, relish, and onions; & Chili Cheese, with Cheddar & chilli. Adding or removing toppings made them Whopper-like. Neither took off, either because the branding didn't work with two or because customers already had a favourite fast food seller. We wouldn't refuse either.

Whopper dog

Correct name. 2005's breakfast was huge. It had two cooked eggs, cheese, bacon, and sausage on a long sesame seed bread. At 700 calories, you'd have to run a marathon to justify this meal.

Omelet sandwich

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