Newfoundlands are large worker dogs. Newfies are sociable and gentle. They're great workers and quiet, devoted pets. As natural protectors, they make ideal service dogs.


The bichon frise is a friendly, lively companion dog. Non-shedding, gregarious, and well-behaved, the bichon will happily join you to the park, a dog-friendly restaurant, or your house.

Bichon Frise

Chinese emperors once cherished Pekingese lap dogs. Long coats cover their tiny legs. Pekes aren't built for swimming. Back injury and heat must be avoided.


Great Danes are huge and scary. They're friendly, affectionate, and loyal. They bond closely with their owners and are terrific companions. They're placid, even-tempered dogs who enjoy to cuddle on the couch.

Great Dane

Egyptian greyhounds have strong, muscular legs, a small, streamlined physique, and a short, smooth coat. This breed has a small head, long neck, and deep chest. This makes the greyhound the world's quickest breed.


Wide, floppy ears and tiny, robust frames make Basset Hounds appealing. In books and movies, they're the fun-loving characters' pet companions. Basset Hounds are calm and quiet.

Basset Hound

French Large white working dogs, Great Pyrenees. Hardworking, polite, and strong. Pyr is a loyal, kid-friendly giant. Prospective owners should expect nighttime barking and socialisation.

Great Pyrenees

Medium-length, wiry double coats and powerful bodies characterise Irish wolfhounds. Size and calmness make the wolfhound a superb pet. Former large game hunter, now family dog. Friendly dog needs space to run and play.

Irish Wolfhound

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