Breakups: The Most Common Reasons

If you've tried to reduce weight or modify your habits, you know how hard it is. Change someone Much times harder. Never assume you can change your companion.

Trying to alter another's character

Some debates serve no useful purpose. Deal with the issues you're most worried about. You're paving the way for a lifetime of hurt, aggravation, and frustration. Talking things out can be necessary at times.

Trying not to get into an argument

Daily, jot down a few of your partner's best traits. Your connection will grow stronger. Enjoyment levels increase when people take the time to sit down and heap praise on one another.

Negativity-focused thinking

Men avoid talking. Women believe males should read their minds. Neither manages relationships well. Communicate to maintain your connection and happiness

Inability to express wants and needs

Easing into relationships helps them survive. One partner is uncomfortable with a fast-paced relationship. Enjoy the process. Journey, not destination, matters.

Becoming too rapid

You've committed to housesharing. Death and life are no longer linked. Give each other room to breathe. You don't have to stay together. Do what energises and pleases your companion.

Not allowing your partner any personal space

It's common for some pairs to separate over time. Your relationship isn't necessarily hopeless, but you should both take a breather and figure out what went wrong.

separation from one's partner

However, making some decisions without asking your partner may convert a small, well-intended deed into a huge quarrel. Discuss friend plans with your partner. 

Decision-Making Separate From Partner

Discussing the past hinders your relationship. Reminiscing about your ex will make you bitter. It worsens. Hurt is hard to forget. Try your new relationship. Don't blame your partner for your ex.

A Rehash of Old Times

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