Books for the Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

Earth Sign Traits

Those born under the Earth sign tend to be realists. Their ability to think analytically and rationally is fundamental to the development of partnerships, corporations

 Detail-oriented, organised, and driven to provide actual outcomes, they find success by presenting a practical, down-to-earth approach.


Taureans are recognised for their resolve, practicality, patience, and love of luxury. They're loyal, loving, and comforting. Sure, they have a reputation for being stubborn

Taurus rules the Second House of Income. Taurus likes riches, comfort, and belongings. The Venus-ruled Bull values money, things, and relationships.


Virgos adore language, learning, and helping people. Virgos are earth signs with air sign traits. Virgos make superb authors, editors, teachers, and doctors.

Those born under the Virgo star sign tend to care deeply about health, organisation, and personal development. Excel spreadsheets, for example, can be either well-organized


The Capricorn is reliable, organised, practical, and stable. Earth cardinals are confident leaders, especially when pursuing big-picture goals. Their infinite drive and resolve are cool,

Cap's ruling planet, Saturn, oversees limits, boundaries, rules, regulations, and commitment. Cap knows they are vital to stay to a strategy and succeed.

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