Body Language Indicators That Indicate Jealousy

By looking at the body language of a person, it can be ascertained whether he is sad, happy or feeling jealous.

 A person's body language will reveal his or her level of jealousy.

They ignore you or stare

When someone is jealous of you, they ignore you or their eyes look at you with a feeling of malice.

Squint their eyes

A jealous person could look at the target of their jealousy with narrowed pupils or a glare.

They puff their chest

Someone who puffs out their chest in an attempt to dominate and get ahead of themselves is probably jealous of you.

They move their legs nervously

A person who cannot sit still is constantly scratching their ears, neck or face.

This is a sign that the person is feeling anxious or nervous, jealous of your presence.

Crossed arms and legs

When someone is sitting with folded arms and raised legs while talking, and has clenched his fists and clenched his fingers.

These jealous gestures show an attempt to emotionally protect oneself from rejection or betrayal.

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