Blue-Coated Cats: The Different 9 Breeds

Russian Blue

The breed standard demands for an all-blue coat. This breed's silver-tipped guard hairs add sheen and grace. Shearling coat. Green eyes characterise Russian blues.


Cats in Chartreux. Persian breed rare beyond Europe. This cat is blue-gray with copper eyes. Coat ash-light to slate-dark. Medium-length, unique blue double-coated fur


Blue cat easily hidden by morning fog. Nebelungs resemble Russian blues. 19th-century Russian longhairs. Blue-haired Nebelungs. Silver-tipped hairs, like other blue cats.


The short coat of the Korat should be a lighter shade of blue at the base and a deeper shade at the ends. Hair on the head and the feet might turn white.

British Shorthair

Shorthairs are blue. British blue was its colour. Multicolored. These blue cats have copper eyes and blue fur. British shorthairs have short coats. Medium-blue coat.

Oriental Shorthair

The long legs and almond eyes of a blue Oriental make him or her adorable. The blue in a man's blue coat can range from a pale blue to a deep slate grey.


Burmese aren't exclusively blue, although they can be. Medium-gray with fawn overtones is the breed standard. Silky, satiny Burmese coats.

Domestic Shorthair

The short-haired cats kept as house pets are usually a mishmash of different breeds. Most Americans own more than one cat. Colors and designs in blue.


Persians have long coats and flat, glittering faces. The breed is multicoloured. This breed's favourite colour was blue. It looks great with a Persian rug, though less popular.

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