Disc Dogs

Freestyle, distance/accuracy catching are competitions. Frisbee's trademarked name is disc. Disc dog teams need a controlled thrower. Dogs can catch discs. Aussies, Border Collies, and Presas can retrieve.

Dock Jumping

In dock jumping, dogs jump from a dock into water to obtain distance or height. Dock jumping is like lengthy or high jumping in water. High-energy, water-loving Labrador Retrievers are perfect for this sport.


Canine agility is a course-based sport. Dogs are trained to jump, tunnel, and walk in a precise order. Handlers direct dogs at every step. This sport demands dog-and-handler communication.


Four-dog flyball relay. Each dog races to the flyball box.Activating the flyball box with a panel. Over obstacles, dog retrieves ball. One dog finishes, then another is released. Team with four finishers wins. Warmups.

Herding Trials

Herding is inbred in herding dogs. Even non-herding dog breeds or mixes may herd. Many dogs live in cities or suburbs, so they can't herd. Most herding dogs adore it. Training and trials allow them act on impulse and have fun.

Lure Coursing

Lure coursing is a faster version of hare coursing. Instead of chasing a real animal, dogs race after an artificial bait. Races might have obstacles.

Rally Obedience

Rally Obedience teams must complete a course using obedience signs. Teams race on a track created by judges. Rally Obedience has looser rules. Rally allows all breeds. Trials determine title winners.


Tracking trials require dogs to follow scent trails. These exercises replicate search-and-rescue efforts and test a dog's ability to follow a human footprint trace. Dogs and their handlers like this work, and success can lead to real-life SAR

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