Best Pet Talking Birds

African Grey

African greys are highly intelligent and have vocabularies of hundreds of words. Research suggests parrots may use context to have simple discussions, but that doesn't guarantee they comprehend.


Budgies and parakeets can converse, unlike larger birds. Budgies have the most bird words. Budgies may learn numerous words despite their gravelly sounds. Social birds enjoy chatting with their caretakers.

Amazon Parrot

Amazon parrots may communicate clearly and have pleasant voices. Their drive to socialise may make them mimic humans. Intelligent, lively birds who crave attention.

Ringneck Parakeet

Indian ringneck parakeets memorise both lengthy and short sentences. They're clear-spoken. Religious leaders in India noticed ringnecks repeating their prayers centuries ago.

Monk parakeets

Quaker parrots, often called monk parakeets, are invasive in several U.S. locations. If you want to adopt, check local rules. Quakers are social and learn quickly. Beginner bird trainers like their quick learning.


Parrots can learn many human words. These delicate birds love human company. Male Eclectus are easier to train, but females are more autonomous and stress-resistant.


Cockatoos can learn words but aren't great talkers. Caregivers spend hours a day with their gregarious, friendly, and often dependent birds. This bond makes cockatoos eager to practise stunts, including speaking.


Macaws mimic speech but aren't as articulate as cockatoos. Blue-and-gold macaws learn language quickly. Macaws talk incoherently. Expect a nonstop-talking bird, but not in your language.

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