Best fruits for hair development


Guava's vitamin A and C boost hair growth and reduce dandruff. Guava grows healthy, problem-free hair.


Apple's antioxidants, vitamins, and soluble fibres encourage hair development. Green apple paste helps hair grow, lowers hair loss, and balances pH.


Oranges grow hair. It stimulates blood circulation, which promotes hair growth.


Gooseberries improve hair colour, thus they're used in grey hair oils. This sour fruit reverses premature greying and gives you beautiful hair.


Strawberry is good for hair growth and scalp diseases. Treating scalp infections supports healthy hair follicles and hair development.


Papaya's nutrients help hair develop. It prevents baldness, stimulates hair development, and strengthens hair from the roots. It removes dandruff well.


Bananas have natural oils that soften and maintain hair. They maintain hair's suppleness, preventing breaking and split ends.

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