Best foods to gain weight in a month


Milk has fat, carbs, and proteins. It contains vitamins, minerals, and calcium. Milk's protein content helps muscle-builders.

 Protein shakes

Protein drinks boost weight gain. Post-workout drinks build muscle greatest. Premade shakes contain sugar and additives. Check labelling.


A cup of rice includes 200 calories and carbs, which cause weight growth. Rice is easy to combine with proteins and veggies.

Red meat

Red meat helps with muscle and weight gain. Leucine and creatine in steak help build muscle. Red meats include protein and fat, which cause weight gain.

Nuts & nut butter

Nuts help people safely gain weight. Nuts make a fantastic snack and are great in salads. Healthiest are raw or dry-roasted nuts.

Whole-grain breads

Whole grain breads help you acquire weight. Bread, eggs, meat, and cheese provide easy, high-calorie, well-balanced meals.

Dark chocolate

High-fat, high-calorie dark chocolate. It's antioxidant-rich. Choose chocolate with at least 70% cacao to gain weight.

Cereal bars

Cereal bars have the same vitamins and minerals as cereal. Whole grain, nut, and fruit bars are best. Avoid sugary foods.


Nutrient-dense eggs are a fantastic source of lean protein and heart-healthy fat. The yolk is the most nutrient-dense part of the egg.

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