Every state has good BBQ

In the US, BBQ is everywhere. Every brisket restaurant in Texas claims it's the greatest. Here are the standout places. These restaurants are the best.

When L&N worker Bob Gibson dug a barbecue pit in 1925, he had no clue he'd create a world championship enterprise.

Big Bob Gibson, Decatur, Alabama

Alaskan barbecue? Turnagain Arm PiT BBQ delivers hickory-smoked meats, gourmet sides, & fish or halibut. The Boar Tide Sandwich, baby back ribs, & smoky spicy beans are popular.

Alaska's PiT BBQ

Little Miss BBQ is often crowded. Scott & Bekke's fatty brisket & juicy beef ribs are second to none, so customers arrive early to place their orders.

Phoenix's Little Miss BBQ

Sim's Bar-B-Que, a Little Rock tradition since 1937, has three locations. Red & white tablecloths & cheerful employees give it a mom-&-pop vibe.

Little Rock's Sim's BBQ

This roadside BBQ establishment, named America's best in 2015, moved down the street. Picnic tables & takeaway boxes keep it casual.

Big Pine, Copper Top BBQ

Georgia Boys BBQ in Longmont & Frederick has a lovely interior & patio. It has lean & fatty brisket, ribs, pulled pork, smoked sausage, smoked turkey, & chopped chicken.

Longmont's Georgia Boys BBQ

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