Benefits of Walnuts for Health


Walnuts are rich in antioxidants that fight oxidative damage in the body, particularly damage from "bad" LDL cholesterol, which promotes atherosclerosis.


Walnuts have the most omega-3 fat per 1-ounce (28-gram) serving. Alpha-linolenic acid is the plant-based omega-3 lipid in walnuts (ALA). Essential fats must be eaten.


Walnuts' polyphenols fight inflammation and oxidative stress.ellagitannins may be involved. Gut bacteria convert ellagitannins to anti-inflammatory urolithins.


Walnuts nourish you and your gut microbes. This improves intestinal health and reduces illness risk.


Weight-loss aid. Though calorie-dense, walnuts may not be fully absorbed. They may also reduce appetite.


Walnuts may help regulate type 2 diabetes and lower illness risk by controlling weight. Walnuts may affect blood sugar directly.


Walnuts have been shown to help maintain mobility and the ability to care for oneself as people get older.


The walnut's shell may be a coincidence, but it may be healthy for your brain.Walnuts may protect the brain from inflammation and support brain function .

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