Bear-Like Dog Breeds

The Great Pyrenees' white coat and huge physique make the list. Sheepdogs defended flocks from wolves and bears. These family-friendly, clever dogs are faithful protectors.

Great Pyrenees

Ancient China created the chow chow. They have a strong mane and a hairy, muscular coat. These aristocratic dogs are aloof and immaculate.

Chow Chow

The Akita is a quiet, temperamental dog frequently called a "silent hunter" Akitas are high-energy, devoted guard and hunting dogs who require regular activity.


Samoyeds are Siberian spies. They were bred for polar excursions. With their thick, white coats and fluffy tails, they make affectionate pets.


Large Newfoundlands are kind, patient, and trainable. Newfoundlands, bred as working dogs for Canadian fisherman, watch over and guard children.


Their coats and constructions resemble bears. These brave dogs guarded herds and homes in difficult times and remain loyal. They're big and caring.

Caucasian Shepherd

 Leonbergers were known for being strong enough to pull carts. Despite their bear-like size and dense fur, these dogs are kind and calm. They're good watchdogs.


The Eurasier is a confident and well-balanced family dog. The Eurasier is another bear-like breed with thick fur, especially around its head. It's a good watchdog.


Pomeranians have teddy bear-like rounded ears and puffy coats. Confident and curious. Despite being descended from larger sled dogs, they're a popular toy breed.


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