Bear-Like Behavior in 8 Other Animals


Pandas and other bears have a lot in common, despite appearances. First, pandas are the only bears that are vegetarian. Bamboo is 99% of their diet.

 Sea lion

Some bears, like the polar bear and grizzly bear, live on land. All sea lion species are marine. Despite their similarities, these animals are different.


Seals and bears are different but comparable. As carnivores, seals and bears are related. Their looks and behaviour reflect their ancestry.

Red Pandas

It's simple to see why red pandas are called "bear-like." Their bodies, legs, and tails are similar. Red pandas and bears eat mostly bamboo.


Both wolves and bears are huge animals with similar bodies. The two animals are very different. Wolf legs are longer than bear legs, helping them run quicker.


Coyotes eat anything is simple to catch or discover, including human trash. Both are adept scavengers and steal food from campsites or trash cans.


These intriguing animals are similar to bears. Raccoons and bears eat both plants and animals. Both are adept climbers and cunning scavengers.


Despite appearances, walrus and bears are similar. Both creatures have warm fur coats. Long snouts, small ears, short tails characterise walruses.

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