Feral Cats

Kitten-eating cats are likely malnourished and agitated. Few cats eat their young. Cats feed kittens. This is a feature of feral cats and multi-cat households.


Baby rats kill. Many of their young are hungry, sick, or deformed because to large litters. Mother rats kill weaker young to gain nutrients.


Lionesses have devoured their babies in captivity. First-time and inexperienced mothers do this. Lionesses may eat pups that act strangely or don't bond with their mothers.


Rabbits may consume their stillborn infants to hide them from predators. Eating their stillborn young may save the mother and her other infants.


Mother hamsters may consume their own infants due to stress, wanting to provide more nourishment for the rest of her litter, or scent confusion.


Scorpion mothers can lose a few infants because they have so many. Mother scorpions may consume their young if they don't have enough food.


Small marine fish found globally. Babies are eaten. Blennie fathers defend eggs. He occasionally produces 1,000 eggs. Father blennies consume their young to mate again.


Many snakes eat other snakes, but the Mexican lance-headed Rattlesnake ate its offspring. These mothers devour exclusively dead or sick babies.

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