Every couple is very curious about Valentine's Day because they want to associate their Valentine's Day with memorable and golden memories.

Sometimes some mistakes happen which the partner doesn't like at all, so don't make these mistakes on the upcoming Valentine, otherwise the relationship will end before it starts.

Keep this in mind especially in Valentine's Week, while dating your partner, your partner may feel bad about this by not praising other girls.

Do not praise others in front of your partner

During Valentines, do not get angry with your partner about anything, even if the partner makes a mistake, try your best to ignore it.

Ignore mistakes

While trying to share love with each other during Valentines, do not find any fault in it even by mistake.

Do not find any fault of your partner

During Valentines, when you are dating your partner, give your whole day to your partner, avoid paying attention here and there.

Give all the attention to the partner

Don't let your valentine be boring, meanwhile don't be silent at all, keep talking to your partner as much as you can.

Don't stop talking

Valentines is a good opportunity to bring your partner closer to you, so do not make your partner angry on anything and assure them that you are safe with them.

Don't forget to feel safe

While dating, be real with your partner and avoid pretending while you are with them.

Don't pretend

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