Avoid these behaviour from your partner to maintain a relationship

There are ups and downs in a relationship but when the partner starts humiliating you again and again then it should not be tolerated.

To keep a relationship strong, it is necessary that never ignore the wrong things of your partner and when it comes to your respect, then to maintain it, the partner should not ignore these things at all.

To suspect unnecessarily

Suspicion destroys any relationship, if your partner starts doubting you without any reason, then this thing should not be tolerated at all.


If your partner continuously speaks wrong words to you while talking with you or at any point of time then he should be protested .


When your partner does not leave a single chance to humiliate you and does not respect you in any way, then do not tolerate this attitude of his.

Not giving personal space

Everyone needs personal space, but if your partner starts trying to show more authority over you and does not give you personal space at all, then it should not be tolerated at all.

communication gap

It is very important to have communication in a relationship, but if the communication gap between you has increased a lot, then there is a need to talk openly on this issue.

Inflict bodily injury

If your partner is hurting you physically then oppose him strongly because he has no right to raise his hand on you.

Dominating partner

When one of the couples is more dominating, he unnecessarily starts troubling his partner mentally, so this attitude should not be tolerated at all.

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