Apartment-Friendly Cats: 9 Different Breeds to Consider

The American shorthair is an affectionate pedigreed domestic shorthair. If you're home, these cats can live in apartments. Toys and windows are other options.

American Shorthair

The affectionate Birman doesn't need much space. The size of their abode doesn't matter to these peaceful kitties. They enjoy playing chase with other pets. They need little space to have fun.


The British shorthair fits in apartments. These lazy cats prefer to relax to run. They're full of energy and love hard games. If they don't lead to overfeeding, food puzzles are great for small places.

British Shorthair

The Burmese is affectionate. Social cats desire human or pet companionship to avoid loneliness. They're athletic and need cat trees and other jumping locations.


Shorthaired Persians are exotic. Like their long-haired cousins, these kind, loving cats like a warm lap or soft cushion. Moderately energetic, they'll play with cat toys before cuddling.

Exotic Shorthair

Gentle giant describes the social Maine coon. Large cats like people but aren't demanding. Toys and a window amuse them. Leash walks provide exercise and enrichment.

Maine Coon

Persians relax. Calm cats appreciate laps and soft surfaces. They don't climb or jump, making them excellent for small homes. They like people yet are also happy alone.


Ragdolls make good lapcats. Named for its propensity to relax when held. Ragdolls are adaptable and low-energy. They love following people around the house.


The Scottish fold may adapt to apartments. Peaceful cats love playing catch with humans. Food puzzles are clever, curious, and wonderful while away from kids.

Scottish Fold

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