How much antioxidants should you eat?

Antioxidants is a popular nutrition buzzword. Antioxidants? What's the harm? How much do you need to eat?

Plenty of foods contain antioxidants, from "superfoods" to ketchup. Thousands of foods, especially plant-based ones, contain these unique chemicals.

You've probably heard that antioxidants can help prevent heart disease, promote bright skin, improve the immune system, & even stave off cancer.

But what do antioxidants do, and are they actually helpful? Why is everyone talking about these apparently amazing compounds?

Antioxidants, like many nutrition topics, are complex. Antioxidants became popular in the 1990s as researchers studied their benefits.

In 1997, the FDA published its first advice on how food and supplement firms might use "antioxidant" on product labels.

Scientists' understanding of these drugs & their health impacts is still evolving 25 years later. Antioxidant foods, drinks, & supplements aren't a panacea, despite headlines, social media posts.

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