Animals With The Superior Vision

Eagles can see UV light and have a wide colour spectrum. Given their vision, it's surprising that bald eagles prefer roadkill and stealing food to hunting.


Owls have night vision to find prey. Owls' retinas have night-vision rods. Compared to humans, owls have more rods per millimetre. Their 5x more rods help them see in the dark.


Mantis Shrimp has extraordinary vision. Their eyes process what they perceive before their brain does. This gives them an edge over predators and prey.

Mantis Shrimp

Light-absorbing black around a cheetah's eyes protects its vision. They have more cones than rods, unlike many animals. This helps them distinguish colours and hunt on grass.


Spinny chameleon eyes. Chameleons can see 360 degrees without rotating their heads. Chameleons hunt stealthily. This protects them from hunters.


Their large eyes provide them excellent vision. 360-degree view. So they can outfly predators. Dragonflies may fly in all directions and hover.


The photosensitive organs of the butterfly. The eyes of a butterfly can detect 15 different colours. They can eat and avoid predators.


The crystalline tissue layer reflects light back to the shark's eyes, allowing them to absorb more light. This makes sharks the top predators in the sea.


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