Animals with the Highest Cognitive Capacity


Chimpanzees are the smartest non-human mammal. 1.23 percent of our DNA is shared with them. They're social, self-aware animals who can use tools, solve problems, and sign with people.


Ravens are the smartest bird, smarter than chimps and dolphins. They can solve problems to get food, play dead to mislead other birds, and speak and mimic better than parrots.


Dolphins can express human-like emotions like empathy, despair, and joy. Self-aware, problem-solving, and tool use make them smart animals.


These animals have the world's largest brains. They're not the smartest, but they're smarter than chimpanzees and dolphins. Like dolphins, they can show human emotions.


Pigs are gregarious and identify other pigs. They treat stranger pigs like strangers. They may be manipulative to achieve what they want, which I find incredibly human-like.


In the wild, octopuses are highly private. We know most about their intelligence through captivity. They're secretive, intriguing, and potentially smarter than we believed.

Eight Species With Long Ears

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