Animals with more than two eyes

Extra eyes let spiders see predators and prey. Most spiders have two rows of two eyes. Some species, like the jumping spider, have two eyes in the centre row.


Iguanas have three eyes, however one isn't visible. The third eye, or parietal eye, is light and movement-sensitive, allowing iguanas to spot overhead predators.


The praying mantis has two eyes in front and three on top. Three smaller mantis eyes are blind. They help the mantis conceal and hunt.

Praying Mantis

Chinese chiton. Long. Chitons have 1000 little eyes, making them optically sensitive. Eyes sense water movement to evade predators.


Bees have two large compound eyes and three tiny ocelli eyes. The two huge eyes detect movement and the ocelli eyes help them fly.


New Zealand's tuatara reptile. It's the last dinosaur-era species left. The tuatara's third eye helps it control body temperature.


Starfish arms have five eyes. These eyes detect the smallest movement. Starfish eyes detect food and predators. Starfish eyes are small but important.


Scorpions have long intrigued mankind. Eight-legged predators have unusual eyesight. Most scorpions have two rows of two eyes.


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