Animals with Horrible Fathers

Not all animals make great dads, despite their amazingness. Animal fathers often don't help raise their kids. Some terrible fathers eat their own children.

Grizzly Bears 

Grizzly bears are aggressive fathers and aren't always faithful to their children. Grizzly fathers murder and consume their cubs and other cubs they encounter. 

Sand goby

Sand goby fathers defend eggs. When mom's around, they're attentive dads. Sand goby dads consume their eggs. They do this to spend less time on the nest so they can mate.

Assassin bugs

Assassin bugs are aggressive hunters who wait for unsuspecting prey to pass. Both are harsh fathers. Assassin bug dads are responsible with caring for the eggs

During which they munch on eggs on the perimeter. But they do it out of love because it protects the eggs from parasites.

Polar Bears

Like grizzly bears, polar bears will devour their young. The male polar bear does not take part in the care of the cubs that he fathers. 

They will do this over and over again with as many women as they can find, and they may even accidentally kill and eat their own pups.


Bass fathers are cautious. They guard and follow their young as they hatch. This lasts a few days until the father starts killing his children.

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