Animals That Look Like Beavers

Both muskrats and beavers have brown fur and are semi-aquatic. On land, their distinctions are more visible than in the sea.Muskrats weigh 3-4 pounds, substantially less than beavers.


Comparatively, nutria weigh 15 to 20 pounds. Beavers weigh 50 lbs. Brown fur confuses beavers. They have coarser fur than beavers. Muskrat-like hairless tails.


Minks are weasels. Despite its brown fur, it's not a beaver. Beavers are omnivores, but minks are predators. Minks have long, thin bodies and hairy tails.

 American Mink 

Confuses minks and beavers. Body, tail longer than minks. Round dog-face. Rare are fish-hunting minks. River otters are commonly confused for beavers due to their aquatic lifestyle.

River otters

Groundhogs are mistaken for beavers. Even though they look alike, there are differences. Groundhogs have short fluffy tails; beavers have lengthy flat tails.


Capybaras are like beavers yet different. Capybaras have hippo-like heads and are bigger than beavers. Rounder capybaras than beavers. Webbing and hair.


Quokkas are regarded the happiest creatures because of their faces. Quokkas have beaver-like fur and round cheeks. Favorites include leaves, stems, and bark.


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