Animals That Live In Tropical Rainforests


South American and Amazonian anacondas are freshwater. Anacondas weigh the most. As apex predators, they ambush rodents, birds, reptiles, and sometimes large mammals near water supplies.

Harpy Eagles

Harpy Eagles are Amazon's bird kings. They have a 6.5-foot wingspan, grizzly-bear-sized talons, and a big, pointed beak. They can hunt other birds, tiny to midsize animals, including deer.

Poison Dart Frogs

Poison Dart Frogs' poison glands are powerful. Poison Dart Frogs live in central American and Brazilian rainforests. Some species exhibit colourful blues, yellows, reds, and greens.


Gorillas are the primates' kings. They're the largest living primates and can be identified by their huge hands. All gorilla species are in Africa.

Gaboon Vipers

Gaboon Vipers are the world's largest venomous snakes. Their 2 inch fangs inject the second-most venom behind the King Cobra. Gaboon Vipers are from Africa, where they ambush victims in leaf litter.


Pangolins are armoured mammals with enormous keratin scales. When threatened, they curl up and employ their spiky scales as defence. Pangolins eat termites and ants in tropical rainforests.


Large, strange-looking tapirs. They look like an anteater-pig hybrid, yet they're linked to Rhinos and Horses. Tapirs collect forest berries with their prehensile trunks and adore water and dirt.


Hornbills are huge birds with double-stacked beaks. Hornbills inhabit Southeast Asian tropical jungles. Hornbills eat fruit and are crucial for seed dispersion in tropical woods.


Jaguars are apex predators, or top of the food chain. Jaguars are great hunters who eat nearly anything in the forest. Jaguars are great swimmers and consume turtles, fish, and even caimans.

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