Animals that live in the swamp

Many believe Southeast U.S. alligators are man-eaters. Alligators are shy around people. Except when fed. An alligator that eats from humans may become dangerous.

American Alligator

Water-loving rabbits. Strong swimmers, only their faces are visible. Aquatic and terrestrial vegetation. These rabbits aren't cottontails.

Marsh Rabbit

These duck-like critters, called mud hens, are linked to cranes. If there's no food on the surface, they'll dive for aquatic plants.

American Coot

Snowy egrets hunt in swamps and coastal marshes. They eat fish, shrimp, and invertebrates, but also frogs and snakes. These egrets glide over the water on long, thin legs, looking for food.

Snowy Egret

These lovely critters are the torment of fish farmers' existence due to their insatiable appetite. Otters are cute, but they destroy Florida's fish farming business by emptying many ponds in a few hours.

River Otter

The cottonmouth, often called a water moccasin, tops this list. Venomous but not aggressive, these snakes are misunderstood. They stand their ground and use their lips to scare predators, but they don't chase and bite humans.


Gills have blood vessels. A fish breathes by swallowing water and expelling it through its gills. Dissolved oxygen enters the blood and fish cells as water flows over the gills.


Turtles live in water. Webbed feet or flippers and a streamlined body are aquatic adaptations. Sea turtles only exit the water to lay eggs. Freshwater turtles live in ponds and lakes.


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